Thursday, 29 March 2012

WATERSTONES Children's Book Award

What can I say!...
Jonny Duddle Pirates Next Door-
and winner in TEEN category
Jenny Downham- You Against Me.


I was GENUINELY flabergasted I won my category for the Waterstones Children's Book AwardMark and I took photos but they're mostly a bit blurry and wobbly.

But you can see from the look on my face that I didn't expect it at ALL.
Team Scholastic were fantastic (as ever) and made the whole 
evening really lovely. I met them at the Scholastic office which is full of Hunger Games Ad's and books (I'm looking forward to
seeing the film SO much.)
I was taking a photo of the PINK taxi that picked us up to take us to Waterstones Piccadilly,when the Cabbie took my camera and made me sit inside while he took these pictures of me!

Thank you everyone at WATERSTONES too. I've been asked
to do some drawings to put in the window of the branch in piccadilly for a Tom Gates display which is exciting!

Here are the blurry photos from an AMAZING evening.

On the train at London Bridge...
Looks like Robots have moved in?
The announcement!


Accepting the award.

Catherine Publicity queen.

Me being giddy and laughing a LOT.

Me getting carried away
posing for pictures
The WATERSTONES video they
ran before the announcement.

With very talented Annabel Pitcher who
was at the Red House Book Awards too.
Her book "My Sister Lives on
The Mantelpiece" has been getting fabulous
reviews and doing really well too.

Lovely Andrew Art Director
@ Scholastic.

Beautiful CRITERION restaurant
for dinner afterwards.   
My agent Caroline and editor Clare.

Mark looking SURPRISED with Lisa
(publishing director @ scholastic.)

My arty picture at Piccadilly Circus 

Doesn't it look nice? 

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  1. Congratulations you totally deserve it!!! :D

    P.S Hunger Games is AMAZING!