Wednesday, 20 July 2011


 Original rough for the cover.
Been a busy old few weeks.
Signed off on Tom Gates Book Two 
(and other good stuff.)"
Out September 1st 2011.
Did two events this week. 
One at Heathfield Library
and the other in Matlock Bath- 
Enjoyed them both. 
At Heathfield most of the 
kids had already read 
Tom Gates..and knew everything!
It's the first time 
that's happened.

Met lots of really great Authors/illustators too.
Steve Feasey told me his 
son liked Tom Gates! 
Here's his blog link where I get a mention (v.honored). 
Star billing was the hugely successful 
Francesca Simon who wrote all the HORRID HENRY books.
She was VERY popular with all the children.
Talked to Phil Earl- who's book BEING BILLY is getting 
amazing reviews. And the illustrator TONY De SAULLES 
who does the fantastic HORRIBLE SCIENCE books.

Here's a few pics from Big Book Bash
(will add pictures from Heathfield later.)

Gruffalo turned up too.
Lovely Helen and Olivia who
looked after me all day.

Tiny balcony

Matlock Bath

Hodgkinson Hotel
FULL of Victorian stuff!
Soda bottles
Victorian dinning room

My rather lovely table.

Scary stuffed bird
Fairy tale key
Big Book Bash Authors spread!

Trinity Warriors dancing
(they came second in a SKY competition)

This is LILYS wining flower bed design. 
Brighton Council runs a competition 
every year and hers is in Hove Park.