Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Been writing, writing, writing, the last month. So not much time
for blogging. I'm a bit rubbish at everything when I'm writing.
I get a bit anxious until I have the whole book roughed out.
Nearly there! I'm off to Shrewsbury Book Award Bookfest today.
So here's a quick rundown of some of the creative stuff that's been happening. Tom Gates is now in 18 different countries! Russia and Canada the latest. Which is amazing. Went to a great Hen do where we made fascinators and then the wedding too. 
Which was really lovely.
Here's just a few pictures of what's been going on. Will blog about Shrewsbury later this week! 
Lily's Easter Egg drawing
My Tom gates nails for my events.

Easter Bunny game

Easter Egg Hunt in the garden

Sharing the eggs!

My fascinator! I made
at the hen do.
Lucy's Hen do at Drink, Shop, Do.
Lucys Mum and Aunt in Gilbert Scott Bar St Pancras

Lucys Hen do. We all turned up matching.
Waterstones in Picadilly
made a display with my drawings
Tom who ran the Brighton Marathon in 3:16... amazing!
Lily made this FANTASTIC bag
I made a stand
up sign for waterstones and
spelt Brilliant wrong..DOH.
(They added the extra i.)

Rory and Thea who have been
singing on a Tom Gates Dogzombies song
"Delias a Weirdo". Watch this space!

Adam, Zoe and Lucy

Nick and Lucy looking lovely.

Relaxing in Fawsley Hall gardens.
Me and Mark at the wedding.
Easter treats!


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