Friday, 2 March 2012


Busy day yesterday for World Book Day, which coincided with PUBLICATION DAY for Tom Gates EVERYTHING'S AMAZING 
(sort of).
Roxie dressed up as
TOM GATES for world book day
Our amazing local children's book shop The Book Nook took me round to two schools and then back to the shop for a mini book launch.First to DOWNS JUNIOR where all my kids went to. So it was nice seeing the teachers who all asked how my kids were doing.Zak came with me and they couldn't believe how tall he was now!
Lucy from Scholastic helped out too. She now thinks it sunny in Brighton all the time.We went down to the beach for lunch and it was the first time this year that it felt slightly spring like.Then on to Brighton And Hove Girls School.

They'd all dressed up and there was one SUPER fan who came as TOM GATES.I thought she looked AMAZING! Tuesday 28th Feb I visited Forest Row library and chatted to children from the local schools with Greta and Clare, who organized everything.

Here are a few pictures.
Including the ones from the Book Nook and when we got home.

(Ella had cooked!)

Forest Row library's NEW rug.

Zak came with me to
Downs Junior school where
he used to go.

Lucy from Scholastic with me
getting the book into
every photo.
and again...

I DOODLED on my nails too.

Fabulous ladybird costume
at Brighton And Hove Girls School!

More events at the BOOK NOOK.

Caramel WAFERS!

She told me to stop interfering.
(You can see the finger wagging.)
Ella was cooking when we got home.

Mark...was exhausted!

Dinner was really delicious!

But Ella doesn't do cleaning up...

...I could tell. can't have everything.

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