Thursday, 23 June 2011

Glasgow Festival and Jelly.

 My first time in Glasgow last week for the excellent
I Loved doing the two events with the schools.
The kids got me to draw some revolting monsters with:
scissor hands
six packs
high heeled shoes
and lot's of other freaky things. All in a days work.
Here's a few pics. 

(Pics of the kids and their drawings to follow.)

Kilts everywhere..

Libary copies of Tom Gates

The very fancy Raddison Blu hotel I can recommend!

Artwork in the hotel

More great drawings done by the children.
With the children who came to the
Glasgow West End Festival
Peacock on top of the shops

Happy Readers!

Ok..let me explain. 
It's a jelly mould of Brighton Pavilion bought as a present for us from this
company Bompas and Parr.
The mould broke after one jelly
so I sent this photo to the company and told them what happened. 
They sent TWO more moulds in the post to us, so now we have a pair..(insert joke here.)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Red House Book Awards

Congratulations to Michael Morpurgo who won this years Red House Book Award.
I was lucky enough to be invited (never miss a nice lunch) to  enjoy the whole ceremony (which I did a lot.)
It's the only award voted for by children and is run by the Federation Of Children's books who do a fantastic job every year.
Here's a few pics from a fabulous day. Off to Glasgow book festival  tomorrow. 

Me and Strawberrie (from Little Tiger press.)
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Chris (Young Samurai) Bradford. 

The venue

Fellow author Adam Stower
First course

David from Federation of Children's books


Lily and Joe who were on my table

Fabulous hat from Tom Gates
colouring sheets.

A lot of salad left over!

Winners of the Picture book category Alison and Angela with "YUCK that's not a monster!"

Michael and his award with Adam

Monday, 13 June 2011

The BOSCAR AWARDS- and Eastbourne

I've been busy finishing off Tom Gates Book two-
Excellent Excuses (and other good stuff.) 
Pen ready..
So this happened last Friday, but myself and Lily had fabulous fun and games at the BOSCARS. 

Where the children opened gold envelopes that contained the many book honors.I also did a Tom Gates drawing session with them, where we drew more ridiculous monsters.
The library was also host to a fantastic exhibition of knitting
Everything from creatures- flowers - even pants on a washing line.

Thanks to everyone for a fab afternoon.

Knitted Flowers

Knitted Pants

Lily on Bournemouth Beach
Drawing on the train

Knitted Lemons
Knitted Ponds

Saturday 4th June went to the CHATTERBOOKS group in Eastbourne where they did some BRILLIANT Tom Gates style drawings. Thanks for the lovely bunch of flowers I was given too. Lily and I managed a quick rest on the beach afterwards.