Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I love my job...
Just got back from the fantastic GLASGOW AYE WRITE Festival.
I met loads of interesting folk and made a fool of myself
(as usual)by misunderstanding directions when the hotel receptionist had to run after me shouting..
I HAD turned LEFT
... but he meant LIFT.

GLASGOW is the home of the CARAMEL WAFER...lucky me! 
The above is what awaited the authors after their events.

Because I am easily distracted by things like...
caramel wafers.
I Completely forgot to POST pictures of my 
ROALD DAHL museum events in FEBRUARY AND Nick Sharratts book launch for SOCKS. It's been a busy time what with this and that. 
So here they are. If ever get the chance to go to the Roald
Dahl Museum you should. The cakes are really something.
Lily had a hot chocolate that was basically melted malteasers I think. AND I am now the proud owner of a GOLDEN TICKET to the museum because of winning the Roald Dahl Funny Prize back in November. It's a wonderful thing.

Actual artwork from the books in the
Roald Dahl museum.

Lily came with me and so did my
editor Clare who had never
seen one of my events
(no pressure then.)

Check me out with my
NEW Tom Gates STAMP.
Mr Fox from the film.

Constantly amazed at the
drawings the children do.
They're so good!

More monsters that are really imaginative

I drew a LOT of legs that day.

The master in his shed at his desk.
BEST cake ever in the cafe.

Another master at work.
Quentin Blake talks about his work.

His desk is VERY comfy.

Clare and I outside the
Willy Wonker Gates,
heading for cake.
Me talking about Tom.

The real chair that
you can't sit in.

Adam and Zoe with SOCKS
at the Book Nook where
Nick Sharratt had his
book launch.

Adam and Zoes socks...

Delicious socks CAKE.

Adam has illustrated
Francesca Simon's latest book.
We sung "Sockywockdodah" really we did.

Anyone want to buy some socks?

Nicks socks.

Lovely view from the hotel I was
staying in Stevange.It looks over
where Knebworth Festivals are held.

 Children at my event in Freman College came
from schools all around Buntingford.

The monsters they made me draw!
My Tom Gates doodle.

GATWICK AIRPORT... not that I'm looking.
But the NEW Tom Gates EVERYTHING'S
AMAZIN (sort of) is at NUMBER 9!
The AMAZING bathroom at the
I stayed for the Aye Write Festival.
Yes I did wallow and watch telly.

A full mini bar and snacks, sigh.

Margaret who runs Aye Write,
Catherine (Scholastic publicity queen)
 and fellow author Anthony McGowan who writes
the very funny DOUGHNUT DIARIES. 

Author Chae Strathie,
who ordered a fancy Coq au vin.

Anthony uses a banana in his event.
He asked me to draw and write on it.
It's normal to do these things in
the children's book world...honestly.

After my events I collapsed and watched BATMAN. I'd forgotten how funny it was
when they climbed up the buildings.

Mitchell library.

Publicity Queen Catherine. 

Oh yes...

A VERY scary monster. The kids were great at the events.
They kept me on my toes for sure!

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