Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My lovely Mothers day... sigh..

Very spoilt day started with pancakes made by Lily in heart shapes. Followed by cakes (made by Ella and Lily) presents of NEW running kit (no hint there
that's really what I wanted!)
A magazine subscription and 
other goodies. I WAS chuffed to
bits...and YES I deserve
everything if I do say so myself.
Went for a run on sea front, then to Brighton Market at the Marina.
Where the girls bought a mirror and vintage jumpers.
I on the other hand got 3 
Camellia plants and a lovely
plate for my cakes.
Had coffee in the sun (the SUN) then FINALLY went to see
The Artist. Which I loved.
APART from the young child who TALKED all the way through the film. I didn't love her or her mother who didn't tell her to hush her mouth at ALL. Then went to see my own Mum for tea who was in very good form. All in all a fabulous day was had...sigh. AND the clocks go back next week which is even better.

What awaited me on mothers day.

GORGEOUS sunny day in Brighton.
I ran to the market in my new gear. There seem to be a
LOT of runners training for marathons out. (NOT me.)

A stuffed bird at the market.

Sharks at the Marina.
Ella shopping for clothes that
she can throw on her bedroom floor.


My new (to me) vintage plate from the market.
I love the colour. Mark says it's nice that
these things make me happy. They do...
...is that weird?

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