Monday, 26 March 2012


A Great start to the WEEK! Sunshine AND The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates has won the MegaRead MegaBook Award which they announced today. It was voted for by children from lot's of primary schools, which is really lovely to know. I sent them this video. If the neighbours didn't already think I'm nuts....they do now after watching me run round the garden like a mad woman!

Got WATERSTONES Children's Book Award to go to this WEDNESDAY. Which I'm very excited about. (Won't win but bloody marvelous to be considered for sure.) It still really hasn't sunk in how well Tom Gates seems to be going down with children. I've been getting lots of great drawings and fan letters from kids all over the world now too. It's AMAZING.

Oh and before I forget.... I FINALLY joined TWITTER this week which means I have even more distractions. 
(Will try and remember to TWEET on Wednesday from the awards.)

AND another surprise was Tom Gates being LONGLISTED for 
the The Branford Boase Award for authors and their editors. The list of books being considered is fantastic,(pinches herself to check it's all for real). Read more about the award and how it came about it here.

Did the SPORTS RELIEF Mile with Lily and her friends yesterday.
I got carried away and ran three miles. It has made me realize that I will NEVER EVER run a marathon. I needed more than my usual quoter of coffee to recover. I have sore legs this morning which I know is a bit pathetic. 

Lily and Miri dressed
up for Sports Relief

Smiling because it's OVER!

Me on Saturday after a swim (not in the sea
...yet).  We sat on the beach with
coffee and sausage rolls. Perfect.

I think Brighton in the SUN is the best
place to live in the UK.
Last week was also stuffed full of me doing LOTS of writing for Tom Gates Book FOUR going to watch Lily and Ella in various plays and dances. Ella was in THE CRUCIBLE which they did really well, but BOY was I glad to bring a cushion. It was TWO and a HALF hours long. But I often manage to get new ideas from these events. Like yesterday, I watching a small boy ripping his LOUD VELCRO shoe straps on and off and on and off through a very poignant part of a dance. I was trying not to laugh (much).The surprised look on his face when he was told to stop doing it that was priceless.
And it's OFFICIAL (I think). Tom Gates Book four is called...
Just got to write it now!

Lily's dance teacher Jane is a
force of nature (far right.)
Costumes galore, chickens,
chefs, workmen you name it
they were there.

Lots of skipping going on.

Lily in her dance taking a bow.


  1. oh fantastic, well done. I saw you speak at the Roald Dahl Funny Prize event, which we blogged about here:

    Just after that, my son was invited to a birthday party, so I bought a Tom Gates book as a present. Cue unbelievable MOANING from my son as he wanted to read it - ended up doing so very carefully without bending the spine, until I prized it out of his hands to wrap up for the birthday boy. Going to buy another one now.

    1. Thanks Joanne, It's not often I hear about kids moaning they're not being allowed to read! Thank you for letting me know!
      Tell your son I'm working on book four now so they'll be more to read in September..liz x