Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fresh from HAY festival

My first time at HAY Festival this weekend. It's such a beautiful setting in Wales. Sadly I missed Rob Lowe's appearance but did see Paul O' Grady and famous artists Gilbert and George who were immaculately turned out as ever.
Thanks to ALL the people that came
to my event! We had fun drawing some crazy things and reading from Tom Gates.I was SO impressed by the DOODLES they all did.
Got a great live Twitter review  from the telegraph journalist who came to watch me too (PHEW!).

Off to Bournemouth Eastbourne and
Glasgow next.

Review from the Telegraph on my event
Fantastic doodle artwork from Danni
Hay Festival tents and shops

Martin who drove me promoting Tom Gates!
Isobels drawing

Phoebes doodle!
OMG 1970's style dinner that Alex
(from Scholastic) had.
It was Thai curry with pineapple!

Glan yr Afon- GORGEOUS 
Bed and Breakfast in wales. 
Right on the River Wye. 


Our lovely host Caroline with
the puppies from
the B+B

Having homemade cakes and tea in the garden

Green hills of Wales 

Doodle chair at HAY.

My pal Adam (Stowers) birthday.
Adam will be at
HAY this Thursday promoting
his FANTASTIC book


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