Thursday, 5 May 2011



 Let me explain..
The children at 
THE WILLOWS Primary school
Stratford told me what to draw!
I admit, it's risky business sometimes..
...but we ended up with 
these aliens.

-Two triangle heads
-Twelve eyes 
-Hairy tongues
-Heart lips 
-Eight hairy legs with squishy feet..
(you get the idea.)

Did some DOODLES with the 
older kids for Tom Gates too
And read from the book.

The children asked some
great questions about the
books. And also how
old I was. I asked them 
to guess...(risky again.)
It ranged from 34- 85.

River Avon
Our oldy worldy hotel

Lovely Hannah from my
publishers Scholastic
(we worked very hard honestly!)

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