Monday, 12 November 2012

Tour and festival round up (better late than never!)

 Part One:No excuses, I keep taking pictures and thinking I must do my BLOG then work beckons and I feel constantly guilty that I should be finishing of my writing or art work.
So here's a quick round up of the MANY fabulous people I met and things I've been up to over the summer and autumn.
Here's some pics from...Edinburgh
Lily writing in the yurt.
Steve Cole doing his thing in the yurt

Nile Rogers from afar...
Alex T Smith (check out his fantastic blog)
holding a portrait that the young daughter
of a fellow author did of him. Good likeness.

Adam Stower was a photo STAR at the festival.

Lily with the castle.

Emma Thompson. Very clever lady who
has done cards (Felicity Wishes)
and books (Princess Pearl)
 for nearly as long as me! 

Slightly BLURRY Rose Impy
(Shortlisted Author)
who was on the Funny
Prize Panel with Philip and myself.

The panel.

Dinner with Guy Bass and his lovely wife -
Catherine, Charlotte, Claire (book trust) and Lily.

Next day we saw the PANDAS!

They were very RELAXED.

 My very first Book Launch (ever)
Genius Ideas (mostly)September 20th 2102 

Scholastic gave me a fantastic book launch (my first ever). It was a lot of fun and a chance to say thank you to everyone who's helped make Tom Gates book a success!
It was quite overwhelming really - not like me to be lost for words.

My lovely friend Davina
who Mark and I shared a flat
with yonks ago.

The winning doodle of the night!

Silver bling nails for the night.

Andrew the Creative Director
doing bunting.

Designer Tom dancing?

Alyx Price with little Tom.
Catherine with baloons

Goodie bags

Old mates Claudia and Kate doodling.

My brother and sister in- law
Chris and Christine

Ella - giving me a look!

Prizes for the doodle competition.

Lucy and Catherine with BOOKS.

Nicola won!
Gorgeous flowers from Scholastic.

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