Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tom Gates tour - part three

Here's a few more pictures from out and about on the Tom Gates Tour.Starting at the BATH festival and other school events...
John Mclay (Bath festival Organiser) 
at the Bath Children's Festival. 
Look at Alyx's expression!
She thought I had flash on my camera when
I was taking photos of Julia Donadlson
and Axel Scheffler being interviewed
on TV before their event.

It was VERY interesting listening to both
Author and Illustrator
talking about their books.

Julia and Axel signing books.

Where's Wally?

Found him!

Empty seats before my event.
It was the poshest venue ever. 
Bath event went well (I think!)
This was the LARGEST group I've done at Highgate School - Nearly 400 children gulp. They were all VERY attentive!
What a doodle!


Fabulous work Harry.

Benjamin brought his own book jacket
to show me!

STAR Oscar!

Bumped into Gill (Sky Hawk)and Martin
(Horrible Histories)who
was illustrator in residence
for the festival this year too.

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