Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shrewsbury Bookfest Award

Had a FANTASTIC time meeting everyone at 
Thanks all the children who voted and took part organising the Bookfest. There were 600 children at the ceremony,it was quite a "do"!I can't actually believe that the kids voted for Tom Gates as the shortlist was top notch, so just be in with the other authors was pretty bleedin brilliant. 
I Met Fiona Dunbar (Divine Freaks) and Rose Impey (The Get Rich Quick Club.)who were both lovely and great company too.
Here are some pictures from the day.
Did that really just happen? Wow...
Rose Impey and Fiona Dunbar
Me saying "thank you" (very much!)

The lovely LARGE B&B.
Gorgeous stream and
pond in the garden.
Hannah from Scholastic and
Marcus who compared the event
and wrote and performed
poems about all the books.
Dinner with the organisers and authors.
On stage with Marcus asking questions.
Children all performed
extracts from ALL the books.
Giving a sort of speech.
Which book is the winner? 
Dinner with everyone
the night before.

The BIG theatre.

Breakfast in the B&B.   
Children's artwork for
a book cover COMPETITION.
The standard was VERY high.
Grumpy Tom by Joe Jones

How good is this?

I'm checking...
but I think this is the Mayor!?
The other authors books.

I got a lovely plate!
Rose and Sophie Peach who
organised the event
along with her team and did a
FABULOUS job. Thanks Sophie.

Signing stickers on the train home.


  1. Just to say my 9 year old son has not stopped talking about yesterday. He voted for Tom Gates as his favourite and now knows there are 2 more books which we will be purchasing this weekend!.Thanks for coming to Shrewsbury. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

    1. Thanks so much... I had a great time and loved meeting everyone. What a day!
      Say thanks to your son for voting too. Liz x