Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Yorkshire Fat Rascals in Ilkley

Alan Titchmarsh
...glowing as ever.
The Crescent Inn
hotel in Ilkley 
where I stayed, 
had a few well known 
faces on display 
(and some not so..)

At the Ilkley 
Literature Festival,
Zoe from Scholastic
took me to
proper old fashioned
tea shop. With silver
teapots and cake trolleys.
I took a Yorkshire Fat
Rascal back on the train.
Which was DELICIOUS! 
Betty's needs to come 
to Brighton please. 
Had a great time meeting
everyone at the Playhouse where my event was. We had a proper theatrical dressing room and everything. Got some good questions from the audience.
One about the band DUDE3 in the book, I had to think

I look like an iphone
sales person here..

OMG..Yorkshire Fat Rascals
are insanely delicious

Me, Gillian and cakes.
 Fellow author Gillian Rogerson who wrote "You can't scare a Princess"  had just finished her event and I met her at Betty's along with Zoe. 
We'd met before at the Bishops Sortford Awards so it 
was great to get a chance to chat more.
Here's a link to her blog where we have the same
pictures up!

Zoe (from Scholastic) and Gillian   
I'm not Tom Gates.. but you get the idea.

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