Monday, 11 April 2011

Whirlwind Northern Ireland Trip

Had a fantastic time in Northern Ireland!
MASSIVE thanks to all schools and 
children who were really enthusiastic. 
I LOVED meeting everyone.
The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates seemed to go down really well. Phew!...
Introducing Tom @ Maralyn Village PS

Children From St Louis and St Colmcilles schools 

Tom Gates Readers!

Reading before school orchestra practice.

Signing and free colouring poster

More reading..
Coloured in Tom poster.

School dinners....

...really quite nice!

Post It notes with all the children's
names on.. so I don't make mistakes

The FANTASTIC Carol and Jennifer
who run the Scholastic book clubs.
Me washing up in the staff room.
 Carol and Jennifer being SUPER
My doodles

Tom Gates 10 MERIT

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