Friday, 15 April 2011

And the winner is....

Last week I got to open the envelopes and announce the winners of the Northern Ireland Book Award last week. It's voted for by the children and they chose Chris Bradford and the Ring Of Earth. Congratulations!. 

 A VERY close second was the AMAZING Alex Scarrow and his brilliant book Time Riders. He gave a fantastic performance 
and reading of the story. Complete with accents, animations 
and jumping.I on the other hand had a homemade power point. 
He was a tough act to follow (I did my best.) 
Third Place was Dairy of a Wimpy Vampire by Tim Collins.
Alex and fan
Alex in full flow

What a view of Gatwick! 
Usually never see it like this- mostly due to rain.

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  1. Hey Liz, thanks for the name-check. To be fair...I'd just come off a 6 week tour AND, btw, your presentation was really engaging, very natural too. Love the piccies!