Thursday, 6 September 2012

Summer catch up.

Blimey- I've been busy.
No blogging for a while but I've been working very hard (managed to fit in a teeny weeny holiday too).Got MASSES of great stuff coming up over the next few months.
So will try and post more blogs, tweets and everything else I'm supposed to do these days.

Won't waffle on, here we go...

July 5th  Catherine had organised a fantastic press session doing back to back radio interviews from a London studio.I mostly talked about the summer reading scheme and why reluctant readers  seem to like Tom Gates. 
(Rock radio was my favourite interview by the way.)

Took part in Tales Of The Moon Book festival. 
(Read Sarah McIntyres Blog which 
has lots of great pictures and information on it.
She was there on the Tuesday before me.

Jugs @ Tales Of The Moon Bookshop Dulwich
Chris Haughtons dog - 
from his lovely book Oh No George 

David bought us cakes.

A decorated T-shirt.

Paper bangers!!

The sugar and CAKE is kicking in.

One kid had coloured in the 
endpapers - looks FAB!

Naughty David Maybury 
adding stickers to things 
he shouldn't.

The doodle wall in Tales Of The Moon

David Maybury eating cake.
Follow David on 
He's the editor for 
the Children's Books Magazine
when he's not eating cake. 
Lily on the way to Southwark
to do event in the local library.

I found out ON stage that I'd won the
Which news to me!

Lily took all the photos.
She's very helpful -
(all down to good parenting of course.)

After a meeting at Scholastic where I was finishing off
the new Tom Gates book - the sun was out so 
I SNUCK off to the Ladies ponds Hampstead.
In my student days I spent a lot of time there 
(probably too much).
The bus took a de-tour and went 
right past my old primary school Brookfield Junior - 
which is opposite Highgate cemetery. 
Kids would look out of the window 
and regularly claim to have seen GHOSTS during class. 

It was a bit freaky.

Ladies Ponds is the antidote to a very busy London.
It's like being on holiday but swimming in
slightly brown water.

Olympics - Liverpool and more summer stuff on next blog...

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