Thursday, 7 June 2012


Last Friday I was invited to Dulwich Prep School to their Book Week where I did two Tom Gates events.I was met by the Queen and Miss Havisham (Katy Fletcher) who organised the whole week.
The costumes were really something. I gave out prizes at the end of the day and was literally doubled up laughing (in a good way) at some of them! I'm sure they'll end up in a Tom Gates book at some point. 

Thanks to Katy and the school for arranging such a fantastic event!
Katy Fletcher (Miss Havisham.)
Here are a few more photos from the day.The teachers really got into the swing of book week as well. I can't imagine teachers at my old school dressing up like this!

Mr Tickle!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang got a BIG
round of applause. 

A Dude3 T-shirt

The Gruffalo - (made the day before) gave me
his best Liz Hurley over the shoulder pose.

I made cakes for the jubilee weekend.
Painting in red white and blue.

Last pages of a Dinosaur book written by
Giles Paley- Phillips  who has just won the
Peoples Book Award with the  Fearsome Beastie.
Good work Giles!
Jubilee stuff everywhere.

Couldn't resist getting this stuff to try.
Had the idea of making Tom Gates characters
in chocolate (which seemed like a good idea
at the time in the shop?)...

...this was the result. A Tom Gates.
which looked OK - but did taste slightly
of plasticine I thought?

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