Friday, 18 May 2012


Brilliant World Of Tom Gates is SHORTLISTED for the Southwark Book Awards
Last week I sent off the first draft of Tom Gates GENIUS IDEAS (mostly) which is scarily already on AMAZON and WATERSTONES. No rest for the wicked.

Guess what... Tom Gates is only on another shortlist for the 
SOUTHWARK BOOK AWARDS! Good company too. I met the author of the Doughnut Diaries in Glasgow (Anthony McGowan) his books are very funny too. 

AND I forget to say THANK YOU to all the children who took part
of The BOOK FACTOR AWARDS arranged by SIMPLY BOOKS and VOTED for The Brilliant World Of TOM GATES! I did a little video thank you and a sneaky look around my messy shed. But it's not uploading...I'll put it up another time.

Went to the very FIRST HARTFIELD STORYFEST, held in winnie the pooh country near the ashdown forest. It was lovely weather thank GAWD or the big top and fields might have been a bit soggy.

Met up with an old friend Lawrence and his partner and kids who Mark and I knew from JIVE RECORDS (where I used to work years ago in a portacabin). He was in great form! I have some good photos from JIVE days that I must dig out. The ones with the cardboard cut out of Rick Astley are worth sharing...

Here are a few pictures from Sunday which was ACE.
Storyfest and hay.
And the winners are...

Brian Moses  - writer,  poet and performer -
and I  gave out prizes to children who had
entered various competitions.
The ringmaster.
Stupidly forgot it was being held being held in a field...with mud. So left my fancy shoes to one side.

Fabulous organisers.
See if you can guess who the
organisers are from their
photos on the STORYFEST website!

SUCH a good idea! They were working very hard making
up poems to order.

Great selection of books for everyone.

I signed loads of books and met a lot of children!

Adam Stower was there too.
He got a lift withme and Mark and
Lily and had to put up with us
getting lost and a RATTLING car.
He has a NEW book out
NAUGHTY KITTY coming soon. 
The second in the
series after - Silly Doggy

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