Thursday, 24 February 2011

Milan Fashion Week

Was in Milan for fashion week..

Actually I had no idea it was Fashion week, it was just an added bonus!
Took my girls, Ella and Lily for 
a one night whistle stop, 
pack it in trip to Italy/H&M 
and Zara and a tiny 
bit of site seeing.


Ella and Lily outside Galleria

"Grazia" magazine
had a photographer 
taking pictures of people 
with the magazine for a 
The girls took full 
Here's Lily doing 
her stuff..

..and Ella exuding.

Here's what they 
did to the photograph. 
They got to keep 
them as souvenirs
for free! 

Even better.

There was this 
amazing sculpture
(artist and filmmaker)
in the Duomo square 
which was spectacular 

if not a bit... 


Here's my bit of art.

"Breakfast Ketchup"

"Fridge Magnets"

Sometimes, it's 

exhausting being creative..

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